Zootly Cares

Fighting Homelessness

At Zootly, we spend a lot of time moving people into homes. So it seemed natural to us that we also help those who are homeless, find their way into homes. That’s why we donate a portion of proceeds from every move to a local organization that sees things like we do. We wanted to work locally because the people who do this work are our heroes. There are many great national organizations out there, but since our business is about operating in neighborhoods, we wanted our efforts to stay local. As our business grows, we will select a local organization in each new market we enter.

In New York, we’ve chosen “Turning Point” in Brooklyn

Turning Point Brooklyn is a neighborhood organization that provides a range of housing, education and social services aimed at enriching the lives of individuals in the Sunset Park and Red Hook communities. We serve as a stepping stone for the at-potential residents of Brooklyn who have decided to seek ways to improve their everyday lives. Our mission is to serve as a source of hope and empowerment for the most neglected members of our community. Our services include the Shower Project, permanent and temporary housing for the homeless, counseling, substance abuse and alcohol treatment, HIV outreach, medical care, English language classes, High School Equivalency preparation, and job and life skills training. We seek to improve individuals’ self-sufficiency, making it possible for them to be productive members in society.

Let’s start moving!